Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Obama Attacks Donations to Charities and Churches. . . Again

Last year, Obama attempted to reduce the tax deduction for charitable contributions for those earning over $250,000. Even this Congress had enough sense to shoot that proposal down.

But now Obama is trying again.

That he is pushing this again even in the face of opposition from both parties says volumes about where his priorities lie. There is little doubt that this would hurt non-profits by reducing the incentive to donate to them. (Personally, I would consider suspending much of my non-church donations, then making it up once such a tax regime is repealed.) For that reason alone, it is bad public policy that willfully undermines civil society.

But Obama is such a statist and a Leftist that he thinks screwing the “rich” and feeding the voracious appetite of his regime is more important than the work charities do. His values and priorities are that bankrupt . . . which goes well with his budget.


mousestalker said...

Actually, reducing private donations is part of the point. Private charities infringe upon the job that should be exclusively governments. If people can seek succor from charity, then they will not depend upon government. There must be only one provider.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beside the state
Nothing without the state
Nothing against the state
-Benito Mussolini