Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newsweek Digs Itself in Deeper

As if Newsweek hasn’t let its bias show enough with its latest cover story on the Bible and homosexuality, editor Jon Meacham, who happens to be a liberal Episcopalian, really flaunts it. A sample:

No matter what one thinks about gay rights—for, against or somewhere in between —this conservative resort to biblical authority is the worst kind of fundamentalism. Given the history of the making of the Scriptures and the millennia of critical attention scholars and others have given to the stories and injunctions that come to us in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament, to argue that something is so because it is in the Bible is more than intellectually bankrupt—it is unserious, and unworthy of the great Judeo-Christian tradition.

I’ve heard that one before – if you believe the Bible, you are “unscholarly.” End of discussion. Further, you are a bigot:

One era's accepted reality often becomes the next era's clear wrong. So it was with segregation, and so it will be, I suspect, with the sacrament of marriage.

Christopher Johnson and, once again, GetReligion give Meacham’s piece of crap the fisking it so richly deserves.

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