Wednesday, December 03, 2008

English Roman Catholic Dhimmis

Roman Catholic bishops of England and Wales apparently want to begin handing over their schools to Islam. In that process, they wish to provide special and expensive accommodations for Muslim prayers.

I understand people of different faiths go to Catholic schools. But whatever happened to making it clear they are Catholic schools? And that if students and families don’t like it, there are other schools available? If I were a headmaster at a Christian school and a Muslim asked me for special rooms and plumbing for their evil religion, I would (try to) politely explain that this is a Christian school and therefore will not make special accommodations for Islam. That’s called having a backbone.

Oh I forgot. We’re talking about English bishops here.

Traditionalist Roman Catholics are rightly appalled. And, as Damian Thompson points out, the irony is rich here. These RC bishops are eager to accommodate Islam, but drag their feet in obeying the Pope’s directive to provide for those who desire the pre-Vatican II Mass.

Liberal dhimmi asses.

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Will said...


I agree with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT; these bishops are being unbelievably naive if they think this will result in any lasting good whatsoever. All it does in my opinion is add fuel to the fire of "dhimmification."

I hope the Pope puts a screeching halt to this and tells these bishops to grow some backbones.