Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CofE Women Bishops Draft Linkfest

Having read more on the Further Report on women bishops in the Church of England, I think my instincts yesterday were on target – the non-binding nature of a Code of Practice is a BIG problem. It invites an uberliberal bishop to act like an Episcopalian and make life very difficult for traditionalist parishes.

The draft as a whole has a number of good points. But I suspect in practice it will not protect traditionalists because it does not tell liberal bishops that they must allow for adequate provision.

But enough of my thoughts. Here’s some links:

Fr. Jeffery Steel cuts right to the heart of matter here and here.

Massinformation is following this closely and has a number of posts.

David Ould is more upbeat than I and links to all the documents in question.

Ruth Gledhill has written both a news article for the Times and a blog post which includes a fun poll .

Fr. Edward Tomlinson also cuts to the heart of the matter on why
“A Code of Practice Will Not Do.”

Further thoughts on the Code of Practice may be found at Anglican Wanderings.

Feel free to alert me to further relevant links.

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