Tuesday, December 09, 2008

GetReligion Takes Newsweek to the Woodshed

Since my youth I have frankly detested Newsweek. Even at a young age, I was perceptive enough to see that it’s a glorified glossy lefty prop sheet.

Well, its puerile cover story on the Bible and homosexuality fits well in Newsweek’s sorry history. GetReligion rightly takes Newsweek to the woodshed over this – and does a darn good job of doing so. So I will defer to them.

But I will add that this isn’t a article that slipped past the editors harried by a deadline. This is a cover story written by a senior editor who oversees Newsweek’s religion coverage. This swill is exactly what they want to feed us.

Well, I’m not buying. I’ve never had a formal policy of boycotting Newsweek, . . . but now I do.

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