Friday, December 19, 2008

Boris Saves Christmas!

Heartfelt jolly Christmas kudos to London mayor Boris Johnson for ditching a lot of politically correct rubbish that gets in the way of celebrating Christmas. And it sounds like more is to come next year.

Predictably, there’s carping from the Guardian and elsewhere. The Guardian gentleman, Dave Hill, misses the point. This isn’t about being necessarily Christian individually; it’s about being Western, especially English. A hearty celebration of Christmas is a wonderful part of English heritage. Heck, the English practically taught the rest of us how to celebrate Christmas with their wonderful carols, King James Bible readings, and numerous traditions. To water down that thoroughly enjoyable heritage or push it aside to appease the easily offended is nuts. Again, kudos to Boris Johnson for ignoring such madness.


Dave Hill said...

Hello. I'm "western" and English and heartily celebrate Christmas in a whole variety of ways including the Roman Catholic way in solidarity with my wife, even though I'm an atheist. I also recognise that the English Christmas has been in a state of continual change for centuries. Today is no different. It's just that people who don't understand their own history think it is and are therefore terrified by the idea. They should try broadening their minds, opening their hearts and stop panicking - and "carping". Peace be with you.

Mark said...

Mr. Hill, though we do see this quite differently, I do appreciate the visit and wish you also peace this season. Merry Christmas.