Friday, October 05, 2007

Very Interesting

This bit of news posted over at Stand Firm is very interesting, particularly this from reporter Jonathan Petre:

Sometime in November, a conservative archbishop is planning to announce radical plans to adopt a breakaway group of conservative American dioceses,and the resulting collision could prove very messy indeed. Under the plans, between three and five dioceses will - over a period of time - opt out of The Episcopal Church and affiliate with the conservative province thousands of miles away. The proposals, which I have seen, have been drawn up over a number of months and follow extensive consultations between the bishops of the American dioceses and their counterparts in the province concerned.

As if that’s not interesting enough, then comes this in the comments:

++Venables is the patron of FACA which is having a meeting of bishops next week. . . .

I did not know that. Since most of the members of FACA are also in Common Cause, that will likely be discussed.

Then I chime in on who the “conservative archbishop” might be:

I’m betting on ++Venables. Just a hunch.

And do note who soon concurs.

Like I said – interesting.

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texanglican said...

You know, the standing committee of Fort Worth said in its intro to the proposed constitutional changes earlier this week, "We believe it is time to separate our diocese from General Convention religion and to join an orthodox Province of the Anglican Communion."

Since Common Cause remains for the moment a "federation" and not "an orthodox province", I had read this as referring to an existing province of the Communion. So why are people acting like this is news out of the blue?

BTW, Archbishop Venables was recently at St. Vincent's, the cathedral of Fort Worth for the ACN meeting, and all who heard him were positively impressed.