Monday, October 15, 2007


Kendall Harmon very graciously, but quite clearly has blown the cover off the railroading of the Joint Standing Committee Report, which gave the Episcopal Church a pass, of course.

At this point, I think one has to be either na├»ve or a foaming liberal not to see that the whole so-called “Windsor Process” is rigged. And it probably has been rigged from the start.

I’m now convinced that Eames, the Blarney Bishop, Rowan Williams and friends started the whole process with the Lambeth Commission and the Windsor Report to buy time. They never intended to hold the Episcopal Church to the modest requirements of Windsor.

And when the Primates tried to push things along and assist the orthodox, Rowan threw sand in the gears. The Primates asked, as a matter of urgency, for a Panel of Reference to help relieve the orthodox. Rowan dragged his feet, then appointed a committee of foot-draggers chaired by a rank liberal. The Primates drew a line in the sand of September 30th . Rowan fuzzed it into “a starting point.” Etc., etc, ad nauseum.

Yes, Rowan Williams has been an active party to this charade, to this rigging of “the Windsor Process.” Behind his pretense of supposedly being even handed and letting the Primates decide, he has subverted them every step of the way.

Rowan has strung the orthodox along for four long years. Now he’ll leave North American orthodox hanging out to dry. Rowan’s answer to those who can no longer conscientiously stay in the Episcopal Church? Stay in the Episcopal Church. Oh, and your bishops are “illicit.” And all the TEC bishops (save one, and he’ll probably get invited, too) are invited to Lambeth for tea.

We’ve waited four long years for that? We’ve been fools and played for fools. And if you’re waiting for some covenant to bring a decent resolution, you’ll get fooled again.

But not me anymore. I’m through waiting for Rowan. And, yes, I’m still not taking communion from anyone in full communion with him.

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