Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Being Communist means never having to say you’re sorry.

The Sunday Times ran an excellent article by a repentant ex-Communist, Neil Lyndon.

In it he laments that few of his former comrades have joined him in apologizing for having “toasted mass murderers, torturers and totalitarian despots.” Yet they've moved on up in society and government.

And he points out a double standard in how we deal with unrepentant Communists and unrepentant Nazis. This double standard has personally ticked me off for a long time.

You could have joined the Hitler youth under pressure as a teen and still get grief for that, as our current pope knows.

But what about those who ran with the Soviet Union? What about those I saw pushing every foreign policy line that came from Moscow? Heck, some of them are in Congress without a simple mea culpa.

What about the World Coven Council of "Churches" who supported that monster Mugabe and has yet to apologize? Yet they are still respected and treated as credible (but NOT by me).

We respect our Nazi hunters, and rightly so. But if any Western Communist hunters are out there, they are branded “McCarthyites.”

Again, this double standard ticks me off to no end.

When I get too ticked and need to calm down, I remind myself that God is just. Unrepentant Nazis, unrepentant Communists and those who perpetuate the double standard will get theirs.

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