Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So Much to Blog. So Little Time.

Yes, my blogging frequency has gone down. Researching and writing a 6-8 page essay a week kinda puts a crimp on other writing. I bet I’ll be so glad when my last essay is done. I’m already getting a bit tired of them. And I’ve only done two with six to go!

By the way, I’m so glad I’m taking a half load. There is no way I could handle a full load. No way. Well, I guess I could do a half-baked job on everything. But that’s not my nature. And I would burn out anyway.

I mentioned a while back about the Oxford malaise that had caught me. I haven’t posted on it much because I didn’t want to get too personal and depressing. But let’s just say “malaise” was understating things at times.

But a week ago as I was in Magdalen College chapel for choral evening prayer, I prayed that God would “restore a right spirit in me.”

And he did. I sensed it as soon as I left Magdalen.

With the exception of a dark mood brought on by a certain college dining hall malnourishing me (a situation now resolved.), I’ve been upbeat even during gloomy rainy days that were getting me down before.

Part of the new positivity is I’m enjoying the Englishness around me more. For example, one of my tutorial readings is from The Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, which is basically a journal. I love that sort of thing.

Well, I’d say more, but like I said . . .

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