Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Good Day

I’ve been meaning to post on what one of my days is like here in Oxford just to get that out to those who care. So here goes.

Today is unusual in that none of the three main Oxford choirs (Christ Church, New College, and Magdalen) is singing. But I like my habit here of going to a service every day. So I decided to get up early and go to Morning Prayer and Mass at Pusey House. Their weekday morning services are a quiet, prayerful, and excellent start to the day. Afterwards, they have a very English breakfast of coffee or tea and toast with stimulating, wonderfully dry conversation. This morning we had fun testing each others’ knowledge of popes among other things.

(On breakfast, I did cheat a bit and had my usual cereal and O. J. before I walked up to Pusey House. I need more than toast and coffee to function well.)

Then I walked over (I walk everywhere in Oxford.) to the Bodleian Library and up to the Duke Humfrey room to study for and work on my weekly tutorial essay, this week on illuminated manuscripts. The books the DH room has on illuminated manuscripts are amazing. My schedule today was unusually clear, so I decided to camp out there and work.

And that I did. With only a break to eat lunch at my favorite sandwich shop, Harvey’s on High Street, and to intake a much needed extra dose of caffeine (Coke), I was in the DH Room from 9:15am to after 6pm.

That is unusual. I normally konk before then. But I had psyched myself and love illuminated manuscripts anyway. In fact, I came across one wonderful illumination I hope I can find online to post for you all.

And I did accomplish beyond what I wanted to. I only need to fill in some blanks in my essay now. Moreover, I think it will be my best one yet. And without too much more work on, maybe I can recharge my batteries a bit. Even though I’m taking a half-load the pace has worn me down at times. (Again, thank God I had enough wisdom not to take a full load.)

Then, thoroughly brain-dead, I walked over to the Turf, where they happened to have a small beer festival going on out back. So with my dinner I had three half-pints of different ales, two of which were really good and interesting.

Satisfied with everything this day and thankful, I then walked “home” to my flat near Folly Bridge, where I am now and will surely konk for good before long.

That’s a little different than a typical day for me here, but a good one indeed. Thanks be to God!

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