Sunday, October 28, 2007

Merton College Saves the World (or British Summer Time Ends)

Overnight, British Summer Time (the equivalent of daylight savings time) ended.

Therefore, the students of Merton College donned full academic gown, drank port, and walked backwards around their Fellows Quad for an hour in order to restore the time-space continuum.

And for that we are all thankful.

I’m not that thankful for BST ending, however. Now it will really start getting dark early. In addition to more dearinesss, I very soon, maybe today, won’t be able to take my pleasant shortcut across Christ Church Meadow when walking to Evensong at Magdalen or New College. (The gates close at dusk.)

Oh well. I’ve been in good spirits. And it’s only five weeks until home. The shorter days will serve as a reminder to make the most of what time remains.

And I’m glad to say my days are both fuller and more fulfilling now. But that’s for other posts.

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