Wednesday, July 11, 2007

“We don’t get to keep the traditionalists under our thumbs so much anymore. BOOOOO HOOOOO!”

A “Vatican II Catholic” whines about the Motu Proprio (from Inside the Vatican Magazine with a hat tip to the Good Professor):

VATICAN CITY - "This day is for me a day of grief. I have a lump in my
throat and I do not manage to hold back my tears. But, I will obey the
Holy Father, because I am a bishop and because I care for him. However,
I cannot hide my sadness for the putting aside of one of the most
important reforms of the Second Vatican Council." In fact, Monsignor
Luca Brandolini, Bishop of Sora-Aquino-Pontecorvo and member of the
Liturgical Committee of the Cei (Italian Episcopal Conference), hardly
holds back his tears when he is asked for a comment on the
reintroduction of the Tridentine Latin Mass: "Please, do not ask me
anything, I do not wish to speak [about it], for I am living the saddest
day of my life as a priest, as a bishop, and as a man."

Q: Monsignor Brandolini, why [are you] so upset?

Because he’s a big lib whiner?

A: "It is a day of grief, not only for me, but for many who lived and
worked in the Second Vatican Council. Today, a reform for which so many
labored, at the cost of great sacrifices, animated solely by the wish to
renew the Church, has been canceled."

Q: The optional return to the Tridentine Rite represents thus a danger
for the Church?

A: "We hope not. It remains to be seen in the future, but today an
important reform of the Council was undermined."

Q: Why are you so touched by the decision taken by Pope Ratzinger?

That’s Benedict, the Holy Father, to you bud.

A: "The episcopal ring which I carry on my finger belonged to
archbishop Annibale Bugnini, the father of the Conciliar liturgical
reform. I was, at the time of the Council, a disciple of his and a close
co-worker. I was close to him when he worked in that reform and I always
recall with how much passion he worked for liturgical renewal. Now, his
work has been canceled."

Q: You will not accept the "motu proprio" of Benedict XVI, then?

A: "I will obey, because I care for the Holy Father. I have for him the
same sentiment that a son has for his father. And then, as a bishop, I
am bound to obedience. Yet, in my heart, I suffer deeply. I feel as if
wounded in my heart, and I cannot help saying it. Nonetheless, if anyone
in my diocese will ask me to follow the Tridentine rite, I will not be
able to say no. But I do not believe this will happen, because ever
since I have been the bishop of Sora-Aquino-Pontecorvo, there has never
been anyone who has expressed a similar desire. I am certain that it
will always be like this in the future."

Probably because he’ll ignore the traditionalists now that it’s harder to suppress them.

My headline just about says it all. What a cry baby loser.

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