Monday, July 16, 2007

++Rowan’s Lambeth Invitations Aiding Persecution of the Faithful

As we know all too well, the Archbishop of Canterbury invited every TEC bishop to Lambeth (except Robinson), but did not invite CANA bishop Minns or any AMiA bishops even though they are duly consecrated bishops of Nigeria and Rwanda respectively.

What I find especially galling about this is that he’s invited bishops who are persecuting the faithful while excluding bishops who are shepherding those faithful. And this has effects beyond who gets to go to tea at Lambeth.

A letter from one persecuting bishop, -Lee of Virginia, threatening clergy who have left the Episcopal Church is Exhibit A that ++Rowan’s invitations are already undermining persecuted Anglican faithful and aiding and abetting their persecutors. From the letter:

I hope you have noticed that the Archbishop of Canterbury is not inviting Bishops from the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) nor from the American Mission in America (AMiA) to the Lambeth Conference which raises the significant question whether churches associated with groups like that can be considered Anglican. My hope is that you will give prayerful consideration to returning to the communion of the Episcopal Church and offer your considerable gifts within our community.

Translation: if you don’t return to the Episcopal Church, even ++Rowan says you’re not Anglican. You’re certainly not in full communion with him like moi. And, oh, that undermines you -- particularly in my lawsuits against you and your parishes.

And ++Rowan has indeed undermined the faithful in a big way.

As the bishops of Rwanda have recently noted, he has taken sides with his Lambeth invitations. He has chosen to side with the persecutors of the faithful. The consequences of that choice have only begun to be evident.

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