Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It’s a cool, cool summer.*

Yesterday was a fun, but strange day. I took two church youth to the beach. Like all teen guys, they enjoyed riding in the back of the truck (You can still drive down the beaches here.) and scrambling on all fours over sand dunes.

But what was strange was it was cool -- in mid-July. Even the water didn’t feel like summer. And it wasn’t a very rainy or windy day. Just cloudy for the most part.

Now I realize “cool” in South Texas is hot a lot of places, but still. And we’ve had very little hot weather. Typically in mid-summer, you feel like you might die before you get to your car as you walk across a parking lot. Very few days have been that way this year.

And this while the Western U. S. has been burning up. Go figure. It certainly helps that it’s a very wet summer here. That is also unusual. Heck, Corpus broke a record for July rainfall by the 4th!

We’re having a pleasant light cool rain at the moment. I love it!

(And, by the way, if you’ve been through a couple of Texas-sized droughts like I have, you’d love it, too.)

*The title is from an old Bananarama song, of course.

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