Friday, July 20, 2007

Now Even the Feds May Say NBA Basketball is Fixed.

I was sorely tempted to post my disgust with the NBA after last year’s fixed championship. You know, the one where Dallas couldn’t even breathe on Miami’s Most Holy Star Dwyane Wade without a foul being called. And I was tempted again this year after the NBA Commissioner himself rewarded the San Antonio Spurs’ thuggery and practically gave them the playoff series against the Phoenix Suns. I HATE fixed sport with a passion.

But I thought, no, I’d just look like a partisan whiner (even though I was a long time San Antonio fan until they played goonball against Phoenix). And I thought most of you didn’t care about the NBA anyway and certainly didn’t come here to see me rant about it.

Oh, how I now wish I had given into temptation.

Because if had, I could now say, “I told you so! The NBA is fixed!” And apparently fixed by a gambling referee in bed with the Mafia no less.

The NBA hasn’t been a level court for years. They, and Commissioner David Stern in particular, deserve the storm descending upon them.

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