Monday, July 02, 2007

“Thank You for Not Smoking in Church”

This snuck up on me, but a U. K. ban on smoking in public enclosed places began over the weekend. Although I suspect the new law is overkill, I welcome it. I’ll have to deal with smoke much less in Oxford this Fall. I have to admit, though, smoke didn’t bother me too much during my trip to England two years ago. I can remember only one occasion when cigarette smoke was a big issue. But I am allergic to it and really don’t need to breathe it. Who does?

I do agree with banning smoking in the pubs. A broad spectrum of people frequent U. K. pubs much more than U. S. bars. I ate in pubs a lot myself.

One aspect of the new law that is causing consternation and amusement among church people is the requirement to put up no smoking signs. Whether churches are required to do so is a matter of debate. But many or most are putting the signs up.

Think of other activities that are illegal in churches (or anywhere else for that matter), and the possibilities for signs are endless!

Here’s some vigorous, often amusing discussion of the new law (with some ungodly language and sentiment) here. (The link may eventually expire.)

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