Friday, June 16, 2006

++York’s Testimony Not Appreciated by Many at General Convention

I’ve noted that the Archbishop of York helped give some clarity to the General Convention by testifying that he felt it doubtful that the current main proposals in response to Windsor/Dromantine would satisfy the rest of the Anglican Communion.

He, along with Bishop Wright, did the convention a service by letting them know stronger resolutions were needed to keep the Episcopal Church in good standing in the Anglican Communion.

But as one commenter as noted, clarity that invades denial and dispels it is often not appreciated. And so it seems to be among at least some Episcopal liberals. Susan Russell even had the temerity to suggest ++York was improperly interfering with the convention. And other revisionists are giving out vibes that they feel he is interfering with their libfest.

I could try to make a clever analogy here. But I’ll refrain.

UPDATE: But here is more on the resentment against +Wright and ++York, complete with very apt analogies.

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