Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is it right to rejoice in the death of Zarqawi?

Some Christians say it’s not right to rejoice in the death of any man, even an exceedingly evil one like Iraq terrorist leader Zarqawi. And, indeed, God “desireth not the death of a sinner.”*

But I am not one of those Christians. The Psalms beg for and rejoice in God’s justice against evil men. And so do I. The death of Zarqawi is an answer to past prayers of mine.

Now when I pray for the death of such as Zarqawi or Bin Laden, I try to remember to add “if he doesn’t repent.” It’s always more desirable that a man repents, that he “turn from his wickedness and live.”* But when such refuse to repent, it is right to pray for and to rejoice in God’s justice meted out on them.

So to answer the question above and to echo my reaction when I first heard the news: YESSSSSSS!!

*from the traditional Book of Common Prayer's Declaration of Absolution, of course.

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