Friday, June 23, 2006

GC ’06 Fallout: September Will be a Big Month.

September is looking to be a big month in determining the consequences of the General Convention concluded this week.

As announced by CAPA and Archbishop Akinola, Global South Primates will meet then to decide on a response to GC ’06. In ++Akinola’s words:

When we meet with other Primates from the Global South in September, we shall present our concerted pastoral and structural response.

We assure all those Scripturally faithful dioceses and congregations alienated and marginalised within [the Episcopal Church’s] Provincial structure that we have heard their cries.

Could the current said “structure” of the Episcopal Church come under attack?

In September, there will be another important meeting of a decidedly different theological orientation. The Diocese of Newark will elect a new bishop on September 23rd. It is expected one or two of the candidates will be gay.

Newark is one of the most liberal dioceses in the Episcopal Church. And that’s saying something. And their conduct at GC ’06 was defiant. Some of their leaders appear quite eager to defy the rest of the Anglican Communion. See some of the comments on the above link for interesting analysis.

If Newark does elect a practicing gay candidate, a subsequent consent vote in the House of Bishops would, I expect, determine who gets invitations to Lambeth and tea with ++Rowan or not.

CORRECTION: I've been informed it's bishops and their standing committees that vote on consents. My comments about invitations to tea at Lambeth still apply, however.

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