Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Drama Continues . . .

After the House of Deputies killed A161, the Episcopal Church House of Bishops and even Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold see that completely dropping the ball on Windsor would not be good for their future tea times with ++Rowan. So ++Frank has called a joint session of both Houses of the General Convention tomorrow to try to craft a resolution. And he is expected to address said joint session tomorrow morning.

Who needs soap operas when you have the Episcopal Church?

My prediction? The House of Bishops, at least, will pass a fudge, then tell the rest of the Anglican Communion, “Look how we went to extraordinary measures to pass this resolution. You see, we’re good Anglicans!”

Whether they succeed, I just don’t know. Stay tuned to . . . :cheesy soap opera music: Episcopalians of our Lives.

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