Thursday, June 22, 2006

GC ’06 Fallout: Coming Soon to a Parish Near You?

With this post I try to begin to pick through the broad consequences of the just completed General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

The orthodox Network Bishops issued an interesting statement at the end of the convention. Here’s the statement and Brad Drell’s analysis of it.

I find this clause most interesting:

Our chief concern now is to fulfill our charge as bishops of the Church
of God in the Anglican tradition to “guard the faith, unity and discipline” of the Church. Pastoral care and apostolic teaching must not only be given to our own dioceses, but to all the faithful in this country who seek apostolic oversight and support.

We shall see, perhaps and hopefully soon, just what they mean by this. But this sounds like “The Network Bishops – Coming Soon to a Parish Near You.” I would not be a surprised by a dramatic boundary crossing* by network bishops very soon.

*For those unfamiliar with the term, a “boundary crossing” is a bishop acting in other bishop’s territory (diocese). Anglicans can get their knickers in a twist about such actions. It’s quite amusing to see liberal Anglicans who ditch just about every key doctrine of the faith become raving Geographic Fundamentalists about diocesan boundaries. So watch this space. Mitres may explode.

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