Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Candid Comments from ++Duncan’s Meeting with the Clergy of the Diocese of Ft. Worth

Back on the Feast of the Visitation, Bishop Duncan had a very candid meeting with the clergy of the Diocese of Ft. Worth. After reading this report on it, I wish I could have been there.

I find this from the meeting particularly, and surprisingly, candid and on target:

Later the discussion moved to the Anglican Communion. The lack of a truly common Book of Common Prayer, due to revisions in several provinces over the last quarter century, and the tradition of allowing a secular government to select the Archbishops of Canterbury, have destabilized the Communion, according to Bishop Duncan. It is remarkable, he noted, that the latter has worked as well as it has for so long, but the mechanism is inherently flawed.

Having experienced the low grade mishmash of “Common Worship” at Canterbury Cathedral, I completely agree that wholesale prayer book revision has been corrosive, diminishing unity and catholic worship.

And the time is far past to end the tradition of secular authorities selecting the Archbishop of Canterbury. That might have worked somewhat back when there was a Christian consensus in England. But to now have the leader of the Anglican Communion chosen by the Prime Minister of the U.K. is nuts. And if it continues, the day will come that an atheistic Prime Minister who cares not one whit for Christ and His Church will choose an Archbishop simply to impose his bankrupt secularist views on the Church.

The Anglican Communion, especially the Church of England, has been sowing seeds of its own destruction with liturgical slop and with church authorities being chosen by secular politicians.

Hat tip to titusonenine, where there are comments.

And if someone who was at the meeting has comments to make on it, that would be greatly appreciated.

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