Monday, October 31, 2005

A note I have to post

I can’t put off posting on this any longer. No, I’m not talking about the new Supreme Court nominee (whom I wholeheartedly support) or ++Rowan’s public recognition of the Network or ++Frank’s putting the Koran right beside the Bible.

Last night at Irving Bible Church, I saw they had this big door where people posted notes of encouragement or prayer. This one note by a guy named Shawn blew me away. Judging from the handwriting I would guess he’s a young teenager. Here’s what he wrote (The underlining was his.):

Dear Lord, my name is Shawn ________ and I want to declare that I do not understand you!

And nothing in my life pleases me more than that. I truly feel closest to you when I contemplate my lack of understanding. I will never in my life fully know or see or hear you. And to this I vow to never stop trying to know-see-hear-understand you. I love that you are so much greater than I, that I have not the tools or capability to figure it all out. My futile attempts to solve your mystery are the warmest embrace on a winter’s day. I love every countless snowflake that give me the opportunity to contemplate your magesty.

Always Your humble vessel, Shawn

I think Shawn understands more than he knows.

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