Wednesday, October 12, 2005

If I wanted to watch rigged “sport,” I’d watch pro wrestling.

The game the White Sox and the umpires stole tonight brings me back to a point I was a few years ago: I hate major league baseball.

The White Sox 9th inning 3rd batter was called OUT for the third out. The umpire called the third strike, THEN made the motion that any reasonable person who is familiar with baseball recognizes as “out.” There was no sign that the third strike hit the ground, no dust kicked up, nothing. He was OUT. Yet somehow he's awarded first base. And with an extra out, the White Sox allegedly win.

Why is it teams like the Yankees and White Sox get always get crappy calls like this to win playoff games instead of teams like the Rangers and the Astros? Hmmmm?

I don't know if a baseball game has ever made me so mad. To hell with the White Sox and Major League Baseball.

Maybe I ought to become even more Anglican and switch to cricket.

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