Thursday, October 20, 2005

Via Media Sinistra* plots a coup.

Well, well, well, it appears “Via Media” ain’t so media after all. It’s come out that they’ve been planning a possible coup against the Network bishops in case those bishops are compelled to choose the Anglican Communion over ECUSA after GenCon ’06.

As you can tell by the ensuing comments on the link, this further bumps up the temperature of the conflict in the Episcopal Church.

Which brings me back to my contention of earlier this week: a “gracious separation” is needed in the Episcopal Church. Otherwise, the two sides will indeed “rip each other to shreds” as Dr. Jack Estes warns. Heck, Via Media Sinistra is planning to do some ripping themselves.

The problem is it’s doubtful enough liberals in ECUSA leadership have the grace to choose a mediated separation over raw power plays. “Via Media” sure doesn’t.

*Thanks to Irenaeus (comment 9 on the link) for the more appropriate name.

UPDATE: The relevant "Via Media" memo has been leaked. And here it is.

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