Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ronnie Earle, Tom DeLay, and Grand Jury Shopping.

I’m helping run a youth retreat this weekend. (PRAY!) So I’m a bit busy, but I can’t let pass the latest on D.A. Ronnie Earle’s unethical vendetta against Tom DeLay.

It’s now come out that one grand jury declined to indict DeLay (Dallas Morning News article – registration may be required) on money laundering. So Earle found a more pliant grand jury and had them issue a rushed indictment. And calling it rushed is putting it very nicely. The new grand jury hardly had time to find out where the bathrooms are.

This can only be called grand jury shopping and a serious breach of legal ethics. It even goes against the spirit of constitutional prohibitions against double jeopardy.

Ronnie Earle is Exhibit A in my frequent contention that few things are worse than a D.A. who is more interested in scalps than justice.

The Captain’s Quarters is again on top of this. And I agree it may be getting close to time to disbar Ronnie Earle, especially since the liberal idiots voters in Austin won’t do the right thing and get rid of him.

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