Friday, October 21, 2005

How to take Communion like a kid

This past Sunday when I was waiting at the Communion rail, I looked across the way, and I saw three year old Pablo taking the wafer. And he received it into his hand with such a happy smile.

And right then, it occurred to me that his was the way to receive the Eucharist. Little Pablo (Well, actually, he’s quite big for a three year old.) doesn’t pretend to understand all that goes on in the Eucharist. But he trusts. And he receives it with great joy.

We shouldn’t pretend to understand all that goes on in the Eucharist. Christ is there in a very real way because He said so. But we need to leave room for mystery. And church history has shown that insisting on a particular view of the Eucharist usually has been fruitless and has led to disunity and worse instead of the unity and grace the common table calls us to.

We should trust. We trust that Jesus really did give his Body and Blood for us. And that He thereby forgives us and gives us new life in Him.

And we should receive that forgiveness and new life that comes from His Body and Blood with joy, even though with tears.

Pablo, though, always seems very happy at the Communion rail and when being led by the hand back to his seat. It’s like he just knows something special happens somehow.

Often when I take Communion, I try to make my prayers and thoughts just so. But after I saw Pablo, I immediately decided to take the Sacrament just like him, knowing I don’t understand, but trusting and receiving with great joy.

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