Thursday, November 03, 2005

Liberal Bigots

While driving this week, my head nearly hit the ceiling of my pick-up when I heard the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel had opined thus on the Supreme Court:

In losing a woman, the court with Alito would feature seven white men, one white woman and a black man, who deserves an asterisk because he arguably does not represent the views of mainstream black America.

Oh. So Clarence Thomas isn’t a true black man because he’s a conservative.

Yes, suhh. That boy Clarence left the Liberal Plantation before he joined the Supreme Court. So he’s an upitty n____r, not a Good Negro. Darkies need to remember their place and support liberal Democrats. So we need to put that boy in his place.

I am sorely tempted to suggest what the editorial writers of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal can do to themselves. But on second thought, maybe I should thank them for unveiling the depths of their vile bigotry for all to see.

And, as Michelle Malkin well points out, such blatant racism is by no means an isolated case among liberals.

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