Monday, November 07, 2005

Achtung! You VILL be inclusive!

I try not to be too cynical and bitter and generally mean. I really do. But when I see the oh-so-inclusive and tolerant crowd prove themselves again and again to be about the most exclusive and intolerant totalitarians on the face of the earth, I just give up my feeble efforts.

And I’m not using the word “totalitarian” idly. Totalitarians tolerate no action, associations, or even thinking that is opposed to the direction of the Benevolent Dictators in charge of their movements. And that describes all too well the most fervent of the “inclusive” libchurch crowd.

Take the People’s Democratic Bishop of the Shiny Happy Gulag of New Westminster, Michael Ingham. This man who is supposed to be a shepherd brooks no Wrong Thinking among the sheep. He was publicly angry when Canada did not enact laws making it illegal for clergy to refuse to conduct same-sex marriages.

And Freedom of Association is just a Capitalist Running Yankee Dog concept to him and his comrades. His diocese just passed a resolution asking the Maximum Bishop to

take such actions as he may consider necessary with respect to any licensed Clergy or any Parish of the Diocese who should choose to declare themselves to be a Member of the Anglican Network in Canada or the Essentials Network or the Anglican Communion in Canada, whether by formal resolution or by other public actions or declarations…

So they’ve asked for Ingham to come down on clergy members of the Network as hard as he wants. And these are among the groups that the Archbishop of Canterbury has publicly recognized as good Anglicans, saying, “There is no doubt in my mind that these networks are full members of the Anglican Communion: that is to say, their bishops, their clergy, and their people are involved with the Communion which I share with them, which we all share with them.”

Think about that again. If you are clergy in the Diocese of Westminster and you become a member of the Network, the official diocese policy, though the Network is recognized by ++Rowan, is for Bishop Ingham to come down on you as hard as “he may consider necessary.” And this bishop is a man who would have the state act against those who refuse to conduct same-sex marriages.

Welcome to the lefty totalitarian “inclusive” “church.”

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