Friday, November 18, 2005

Devovi Sanctum Pecunium

You better genuflect when you hear that, buster. It’s (my attempt at) Latin for “Fork over the Holy Money.”

In the Diocese of Rochester, one parish may be shut down because they can’t consciously fork over the money to a heterodox bishop. Tomorrow the diocese votes on a resolution to do just that.

One of the bitter ironies of the conflict in the Episcopal Church is that any number of traditional church teachings have been torn apart and tossed aside. And the denomination has become so darn “inclusive” that just about anything is tolerated. BUT if a congregation can’t conscientiously participate in the heterodoxy, at least several dioceses will come down on them like a ton of bricks. “Tolerance” isn’t very tolerant then.

And there are a number of presbyteries in my old Presbyterian Church USA where things are that ugly as well. Skimming The Presbyterian Layman should provide some sordid details.

“Tolerance” and “inclusiveness” in the Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches is a sham – especially if money or property is involved.

Now excuse me while I listen to Griswoldian Chant.

Devovi Sanctum Pecunium . . .

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