Thursday, September 08, 2005

You mean it’s not all Bushracismtaxcut’s fault?

I’ve been watching the Katrina blame game with disgust. It became clear early on that some people would try to use this tragedy to get Bush and play the race card. I’ve gotten quite agitated about this so I may rant on this later.

But first, some facts have come out that Bush-bashers might find inconvenient. For they seem to indicate that, even if the feds had their miscues, the state and local governments were much bigger bunglers in the aftermath of Katrina. Christopher Johnson is on this here and here. I’ve just discovered the Political Teen, but that boy is on this with a ton of links. The Junkyard Blog is all over Louisiana Governor Kathlen Blanco as is the The Mudville Gazette.

Funny. I don’t hear the Democrat grandstanders complaining about Democrat Governor Blanco.

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