Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I’m beyond “compassion fatigue” now.

I have to admit I already had a modest amount of “compassion fatigue” from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I gave generously. And I’m a bit tired of still being bombarded to give, give, give.

But now, I’m getting ticked. Louisiana’s two U. S. senators are asking for $250 billion in federal aid to Louisiana. $250,000,000,000. That is absurd. I nearly lost track of the zeros writing that. Frankly, I think what President Bush is asking for already is a bit much.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? I moved close to the coast. And I knew hurricanes are part of the deal. Why should taxpayers bail me out if a bad hurricane hits my place? Huh? If you want to live in a hurricane prone area, or below sea level, or in other flood prone areas, or next to an earthquake fault, or whatever, fine. This is a free country. But if you end up suffering the natural consequences of your choice, don’t come around and try to dig in my pocket! Or at least don’t try to dig $250,000,000,000 out of people’s pockets.

Heck, that's beyond a bail out. What do you want to go with that much money, senators? Rebuild with houses of gold?

Federal disaster aid was already being abused. The abuse is now ascending to new heights. And I’m fed up with it.

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