Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 14 of Campolo Watch

On October 3rd, I received a gracious e-mail from Tony Campolo clarifying his post-Katrina remarks to my satisfaction. Therefore, this post is now inoperative. For now at least, I'll leave it up. But I do apologize to any who find it overly harsh.

Day 14 of Tony Campolo Watch is almost over, and still there is not a word of clarification from him on his post-Katrina statement that at least seemed to deny the omnipotence of God.

This is a serious matter. He evidently, at the very least, doesn’t care much for the omnipotence of God. Otherwise, he would have clarified his position by now.

Campolo has a reputation for being fuzzy on his theological views (while not being so at all on his beloved liberal political views). And, frankly, evangelicals have let him get away with it, providing him platform after platform to preach . . . whatever it is that he preaches.

Evangelicals should stop playing that game. I know I’ve had enough of it. Until Tony Campolo clearly affirms the omnipotence of God, no evangelical or supposedly orthodox Christian group should provide him a platform. And I’m going to make this personal: if any such group does so, I will think twice before supporting said group in any way. And that includes Youth Specialties, which I’ve been very much involved in, but has frequently given a platform to Campolo.

God’s word is clear – Christians are not to aid false teachers. If “evangelical” means anything anymore (and I doubt it does), evangelicals will stop giving this man a platform until he clearly affirms the omnipotence of God.

As noted, he has indeed since sent me a gracious e-mail affirming the omnipotence of God to my satisfaction. The above post is therefore inoperative with apologies to anyone offended.

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