Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita reports and priorities

There’s nothing like deciding what to take with you if you evacuate and what to move to a safer place and what to leave as is to show you what your priorities are.


Reports on Rita have been back and forth between scary and reassuring. There’s been predictions of her getting stronger and stronger. Then I read a Weather Service forecast discussion saying the high pressure is stronger than expected and will likely steer her further south . . . closer to me. But later I read there’s more of a consensus that she’ll hit between here and Houston.

All this has me more nervous than excited. Like I said, I’d like to experience a hurricane someday. But anything above Cat. 3 is a bit much. I’d prefer to keep my place intact, thank you.

Wow, now I just heard Cat. 5 is expected at least while she’s out in the Gulf. Like I said – back and forth.

And it’s nice and sunny out this morning.

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