Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Louisiana Looters

Christopher Johnson is on top of Louisiana’s politicos attempt to loot the Treasury. And he is right – this brazen money-grab is blowing people’s sympathy for Louisiana “into a million pieces.” Whether it’s right or wrong, I know my sympathy, which once was pretty big, is just about blown away now.

Even bleeding heart liberals are getting annoyed. Note this excerpt from the Washington Post:

Like looters who seize six televisions when their homes have room for only two, the Louisiana legislators are out to grab more federal cash than they could possibly spend usefully. For example, their bill demands $7 billion for rebuilding evacuation and energy supply routes, but it also demands a separate $5 billion for road building and makes no mention of the $3.1 billion already awarded to the state in the recent transportation legislation. The bill demands $50 billion in community development block grants, partly to get small businesses going, but it also demands $150 million for a small-business loan fund plus generous business tax breaks. The bill even asks for $35 million for seafood marketing and $25 million for a sugar-cane research laboratory. This is the equivalent of New York responding to the attacks on the World Trade Center by insisting upon a federally financed stadium in Brooklyn.

The Washington Post comparing money grabbing politicians to looters – I've never even dreamed of such a day.

I’ve got a word of advice for Louisiana politicians – stop your looting, or outraged taxpayers will shoot you and your money grab down.

And I’ll be shooting right along with them. You loot, we shoot.

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