Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some good post-Katrina news

As you may have noticed, Katrina is bringing out the worst in people. Today, two Corpus Christi residents were caught trying to pose as evacuees so they can get those $2000 checks from Uncle Sam. Watch out for more of that.

But Katrina has also brought out the best in people. I’ve heard a couple items that are most encouraging.

1. I can’t verify this, but I’ve been told almost 200,000 households have offered temporary housing to Katrina victims. If so, that is outstanding.

2. We have some Katrina evacuees here in Corpus Christi. So many people have volunteered their time to help them that the city manager told the city council, “We have to call an end to the formal process of asking for volunteers.”

Personally, I’ve tried to volunteer some time and goods, and the agencies I contacted were so swamped with work and help, none have gotten back to me!

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