Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump's probe of voter fraud is long overdue . . . Says Never Trumper

John Fund has been a rather vocal Never Trumper.  But he is also, at the very least, one of the foremost investigative journalists on the subject of election fraud.  His books Stealing Elections and Who’s Counting (co-authored by Hans Von Spakovsky) grace my library.

So it is notable that he along with Von Spakovsky has written that Trump’s call for a probe of election fraud is right, nay, overdue.

True, Trump’s claim that fraud accounts for all of Hillary’s popular vote margin may be just slightly off, but…

The real problem in our election system is that we don’t really know to what extent President Trump’s claim is true because we have an election system that is based on the honor system. 

What we do know, despite assertions to the contrary, is that voter fraud is a problem, and both sides of the political aisle should welcome a real investigation into it -- especially since the Obama administration tried so hard for eight years to obfuscate the issue and prevent a real assessment. 

Former Justice Department attorney Christian Adams testified under oath that he attended a November 2009 meeting at which then-deputy assistant attorney general Julie Fernandes told DOJ prosecutors that the administration would not be enforcing the federal law that requires local officials to purge illegitimate names from their voter rolls.

And there’s more, much more, particularly in Fund’s books (and on this blog on occasion as well).  Anyone who says election fraud is not a serious problem in this country is ignorant, delusional, or a Democrat.  The Democrat Party benefits from election fraud and has willfully enabled it, when not directly engaging in it.  It’s not for nothing that DemocRATS like Obama and Gov. Dayton of Minnesota have opposed and obstructed Voter ID, cleaning up registration rolls, and other measures to prevent fraud.

So bring on the investigation!  And if it results in perps in prison, so much the better!

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