Friday, January 13, 2017

The Last Vomit of Obama

I never was one of those who expected Obama to leave with class.  His conduct towards political opponents has rarely exhibited class.  Why would he change that now?

With just over a week to go, he left a nasty rotten egg for Cubans, who tend to be Republican, and Trump by ending long standing U. S. policy towards refugees from Cuba.  And that without any concessions from Cuba and without any assurances that those returned to Cuba would not be thrown into the gulag with other numerous political prisoners.

I guess Obama likes the idea of Republicans and future Republicans in political prison.  Contrast this with his almost as cynical immigration policies on the Mexican border flooding this country with future Democrats.

This was a truly cynical spiteful evil act.  It demonstrated an ugliness beyond what even I expected.

And there is yet still a week to go until Inauguration Day.

Therefore, I give my first prediction of 2017 – one I hope does not come true:  Obama will uncork some over the top spiteful ugliness in this last week beyond anything a past outgoing president has dared to do.

It could come in the form of pardons.  Presidents usually offer a number of pardons as they leave office.  Bill Clinton offered some awful ones, including the infamous pardon of Marc Rich.  I expect Obama to outdo the cynical evil of Clinton in his pardons.  But I expect more than pardons.

I think there is even a change that Obama’s last week, the last vomit of Obama, will be so outrageous that Trump will publicly disinvite him to the Inauguration.

On a lighter note, the title of this post is inspired by the phrase “the last vomit of Satan” said some years back.  Trivia question:  What Texas preacher said that, and what was he describing?

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