Monday, January 16, 2017

Is Science Backing Traditional Christianity on Fasting?

In recent years, I’ve been fasting more frequently because I’ve become more traditional in my faith - and because my metabolism has slowed down in my age.  So I’ve given more weight (No pun intended.) to both the spiritual and physical health of fasting.

I should say I do not fast for very long because I sometimes have issues with energy and low blood sugar.  Also, I’m just not that fat (although the pious youth of my church seem convinced I am fat and old).  I do very much like being in good shape, and it affects me when I’m not.  Anyway, my typical fast is skipping lunch.

Well, lo and behold, science (SCIENCE!)* is discovering that intermittent fasting is good for you.  It sounds not that dissimilar from what the traditional church Calendar prescribes.  I will not go into detail here, but the benefits of fasting go beyond weight loss.

Among the study participants, markers of cell regeneration increased, while risk factors for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and aging all dropped, he says.

Funny how God and His Holy Church is usually wise about most things.

By the way, I found the above article through the eclectic Ace of Spaces blog.  Ace has been telling of his efforts to improve his health through fasting and other means under the GAINZZZ label.  Here is one example.

I’ve picked up a thing or two myself from him.  I’ve begun drinking water with BCAA powder (Alpha Amino powder to be exact) when I work out and find that helpful with some extra energy for one thing.

While on the subject of health, yes, my knee and I are doing quite well.  Don’t stop praying though. :)

*Apologies to Thomas Dolby.

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