Friday, January 20, 2017

It is Morning in America.

It is morning in America.

Yes, the new President will not be a perfect man, far from it.  And remember he was far, far from my first choice.

Yes, the problems we face cannot be solved in a day or a Hundred Days or four years.  Yes, the Washington Establishment of both parties will try to thwart needed change.  Further, they will try to destroy Trump in order to put the rest of us under their thumbs again.  Trump clearly even has his enemies in the intelligence agencies.

Yes, Democrats and Leftists will not suddenly begin respecting the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  Many of them are already doubling down on doing just the opposite.

Yes, there is no guarantee even a hopeful dawn as this will lead to good day and a good future.

But this morning, we can know that at the end of the day, we will have a President who loves this country.  And, for the first time since Reagan, we will have a President who is willing, nay, eager to say “NO” to the Washington/New York/California Establishment on behalf of the American people.

This morning, for the first time since 1989, we can know that at noon, we will have a President who is not named, Bush, Clinton, or Obama.

This morning, we have few guarantees as to what the future will bring.  But we can know this is a new morning to a new day.

It is morning in America.  And with this morning comes hope. 

Only by God’s good providence can this morning lead to bright days for this country.  But God is good and gracious beyond what we can imagine. So let us pray for President Donald Trump and for America.

*Apologies, of course, to the iconic Reagan 1984 campaign ad.

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