Tuesday, January 17, 2017

An Open Letter to National Geographic

Dear Nat Geo,

This is a letter to cancel my subscription to National Geographic.  I do this with some reluctance as I have long shelves filled with past Nat Geos and have long loved your photography.

But you have joined other institutions, individuals and publications in departing from what you are good at in order to push radical socio-political agendas.

Granted, your magazine has never been perfect.  I’ve long found cloying your habit of proclaiming almost every monkey skull you come across a new discovery of Early Man.  But I’m tolerant and forbearing on my good days, so I overlooked that.

But your Gender Revolution special issue . . . well, despite the cover, I opened the issue with an open mind.  Perhaps, it would be a somewhat even-handed look at different views and practices concerning gender today.  That hope was immediately dashed when the first piece was from Gloria Steinem.  And the rest of the issue hardly got better.

Look, if I wanted to be immersed in Leftist propaganda, I would subscribe to the New York Times, watch MSNBC or enroll at the University of Michigan.  That is not why I received Nat Geo nor why a lovely couple gave me a subscription in recent years. (They concur with my cancelling it, by the way.)

Actually, it is hard to breathe without being bombarded with Leftist madness nowadays – and a lot of the “Gender Revolution” is pretty much just that, the enabling and promotion of mental illness, the exploitation of unfortunate people, even children, in order to push a radical socio-political agenda (of which the cover of your issue is a despicable example).  With so much of such madness about, why should I want to receive more madness from you? “Do I lack madmen?”

So do cancel my subscription.  Should the editors receive the firing they so richly deserve, I will reconsider. 

No, I am not holding my breath on that.




underground pewster said...

Well done.

BillB said...

I fully agree with what you have done. I got a solicitation to re-join National Geographic in the mail yesterday. It went direct to my shredder.

Mark said...

Let them know why it went direct to your shredder. :)