Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This will not end well.

Last night was yet another episode of Leftists directly attacking the rights of Americans and completely getting away with it.  Leftist thugs, mostly of the Black Lives Matter ilk, pretty much shut down a DePaul College Republican event with Milo Yiannopoulos as the main speaker.  And that while security, which College Republicans and Breitbart News were forced to pay for, just watched.

Well, there was one arrest . . . of a Breitbart News cameraman. 

Of course, last night also brought a violent Leftist protest at a Trump appearance in New Mexico.  But at least the Albuquerque Police made a good faith effort to stop them.

Elsewhere that has often not been the case.  The Black Lives Matter crowd has particularly been handled with kid gloves even as they block traffic on major roads.  I remember one such episode in which police just watched as Black Lives Matter blocked off traffic.  But when a driver very slowly tried to get through, he was arrested!  (Sorry.  This has been some time back and I cannot find the episode online.)

Things have gotten so bad in this country, I hesitate to make predictions for fear I will be seen as inciting something.  But I will allow my logical readers to put two and two together.

You have Leftists who time and again directly attack the Constitutional rights of Americans, particularly free speech and freedom to travel, especially necessary travel to work, etc.  And you have millions of Americans who are fed up with their rights being attacked and who see that the authorities not only do not defend their Constitutional rights, but also attack said rights themselves.

The episode at DePaul is that in a microcosm.  To my knowledge, not a single Leftist was arrested.  The Leftists were allowed to shut down freedom of speech at an event.  But a conservative journalist was arrested!

Some Americans may see numerous episodes like this and think that the authorities will not defend their rights, so they will have to defend their rights themselves.

I’m afraid soon the two aforementioned groups of predatory Leftists and fed up Americans will meet in great numbers with . . . consequences.  And by “soon,” I mean at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Really, the Republican National Committee was foolish to pick Cleveland for the convention.  Cleveland is a DemocRAT hole.  Can that trashy city government be trusted to defend Republicans – Trump supporters especially – from the Leftists who will surely flock there in the thousands?

Hey, Cleveland, you don’t like me calling you out?  Then prove me wrong.  Prove you are willing and able to defend the rights of the Republicans coming to your fine city.

So in Cleveland, you will have a combination of predatory Leftists, fed up Americans, and a city government who probably doesn’t care much about defending the rights of Americans, especially Republicans.  If the Trump people want their rights genuinely defended, they may find themselves having to do it themselves.  And some understandably won’t be in the mood to be gentle about it.

Again, I would rather not spell out what that might look at.  But this pattern of Leftists directly attacking our rights and authorities doing precious little about it cannot end well.

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Maxine Schell said...

Rioting going on around the world, and the "black lives matter" group have found the opportunities to get in on it. There is no point to it...they have no answere to their grieviences, nor can they articulate just what their grieviences are (white privileges...micro aggressions are not something that can be changed) Now they are rioting at any public event (as at St.Louis), not just political events. We can expect the same at Cleveland convention as if it were in Ferguson or Baltimore. Shades of last century's LA riots.