Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Resuming Formal Studies

I found out yesterday that I will be resuming formal studies by earning a Certificate of Anglican Studies from a reputable U. S. seminary’s distance program.

I had been seeking, for a year or more, how best to resume formal studies.  The process has taxed my patience although I can say I practiced patience well, at least for me.  But I cannot say I have made excellent use of this in-between time, the time between publishing and promoting my novel Pilot Point and resuming formal studies.  Like many men, without a clear purpose and goal, I flounder a bit.  It hasn’t helped that figuring out the best way to resume studies has taken longer than I originally expected.

Yes, I certainly have had enough to do and enough business to take care of.  But without a compelling and clear goal, that hardly motivates.  So I’ve floundered.  I’m not making excuses.  But I’m a sinful man, and that’s how sinful men are.

So I am glad the in-between time is over.  For the next year or so, God willing, my focus will be on earning a Certificate of Anglican Studies.

That priority may make my posting here less frequent.  Or, who knows, what I study may inspire more posts.  But I suspect it will be the former.

I hope that earning my certificate will make my future writing here and elsewhere that much more erudite and effective.  One can study, hope, and pray for that anyway.

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