Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama’s Bathroom Decree and the Absurdity of Tyranny

I will leave aside the moral and practical implications – and they are many – of the Obama Regime’s decree that public schools must let students go to the bathroom of their choice or else.

Much like the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, what strikes me most about this is the utter anti-democratic, anti-Constitution, and anti-rule-of-law nature of this decree. It is simply an exercise of raw arbitrary and unsanctioned power to impose social engineering. It uses the cudgels of lawsuits and federal funds to force public schools to enact a novel bathroom policy that has nothing to do with present law.  As if the framers or even the amenders of the Constitution ever intended the Federal Government to have anything like this kind of power.  As if those who voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 intended Joe Bob to be able to use the girls’ room.

Which leads me to the second aspect of this decree – its absurdity.  Yes, let’s get real.  That public schools be required by the Federal Government to let boys use the girls’ room is absurd at the very least.

But that is the nature of tyranny.  Tyrants impose absurdities upon the unfortunate people under them just because they can (or think they can).  Haircut rules in North Korea, laws on saluting in Nazi Germany, any number of silly campaigns under Mao are among the examples.  

That the President of the United States is also plunging us into the absurdity of tyranny is disturbing.

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