Monday, May 02, 2016

Corbyn, Communism, and Double Standards

Imagine if Donald Trump, David Cameron, or Nigel Farage were to speak at a Fascist event in which portraits of Adolf Hitler were lovingly marched through the streets.  Imagine the outrage.

Let’s flip it – and we don’t have to imagine.  British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke at a May Day event in which portraits of Stalin were lovingly marched through the streets.

No, there was not much outrage.

This is part of the double standard in the West.  If anyone has any verifiable background of pro-Hitler sympathies, he is rightly drummed out of public life (if he isn’t Muslim, that is).  But any number of people with radical Left sympathies get a free pass.  And that when the radical Left is a far bigger threat to Western freedom than the fascist Right and has been for decades.

But if someone seeks to expose radical Left backgrounds, he is denounced as a McCarthyite or a bigot or the like.  This while those who hunt very old and inactive Nazis are lionized.  And, yes, Nazi hunters deserve praise for helping bring genocidal criminals to justice.  But where is the zeal in going after the criminals of the Mao, Pol Pot, or any number of murderous Communist regimes?

As horrific as the Hitler regime was, Communists, Socialists if you will, have killed many more people and done more harm than the Nazis ever did.

It is past time we acted like it and treated those aligned with the radical Left with the same contempt and ostracism we do those aligned with Nazis and neo-Nazis.

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