Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fake Hate Cake

When the “FAG” cake story came out last month, I smelled yet another fake hate hoax.  But I was actually prudent and decided to let more facts come out before opining.

And sure enough, it has been exposed as yet another fake hate hoax.  Libchurch perp Pastor Jordan Brown has somewhat apologized and confessed Whole Foods did “nothing wrong.”

I think this a good time to remind readers of one of my Laws of Political Life . . . . Well, I haven’t actually written down such.  But if I did, one of them would be . . .

Leftists lie.

Yes, there are noble exceptions.  Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Kucinich come to mind.  But lying is in the DNA of Leftism.  Various mutations of Leftism put total victory over political opponents above life, liberty, and truth.  Look at the millions upon millions that Communism has killed and enslaved.  If you can do that or support that or even downplay that and sleep at night, then lying comes easy.

And from my decades of observing politics I can assure you Leftists lie a lot.  (Learning this has been a shock at times for me.) If you recognize that if a Leftist has his mouth open, he is probably eating or lying, it will greatly assist your understanding of what really is going on.

And we are seeing that demonstrated time and time again in the epidemic of fake hate hoaxes.


By the way, include libchurch leaders like Jordan Brown in that.  Libchurch leaders lie, too.  Those who present themselves as Christians while knowingly denying the basics of the Faith have a seared conscience and serious demonstrated problems in dealing with truth.

And if you think I’m harsh, read what St. Paul wrote.

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