Monday, March 02, 2015

The New Intolerance, Self-Censorship, and this Humble Blogger

Probably the best piece I have ever read on the intolerance of the “tolerant” “inclusive” etc. crowd is Mary Eberstadt’s “The New Intolerance” just now published in the March ‘15 issue of First Things.  It is not yet available for free to non-subscribers.  But a video of the lecture upon which it is based is available for viewing.

One of Eberstadt’s points is that the new intolerance is bringing about a poisonous atmosphere in which Christians among others choose to self-censor.

…It makes people think twice about what they say in a bad way.  And it makes some of them press “mute.”

[The new intolerance] is dangerous not only for the obvious reason that it spells censorship, but even more because it spells self-censorship.

To illustrate how strong the pressure to self-censor has become, I am (You may need to sit down now.) considering some self-censorship myself.  Yes, I know.  Me, of all people, self-censoring?

No, there have not been any recent incidents or significant threats, attacks, etc. in retaliation for my speaking the truth (at least none that I know of.  Some recent computer/traffic behavior is strange.).

But, as you may have noticed, I am considering some future changes in my life and focus.  And making myself a fat [Self-censorship there. – Ed.] target for those with a totalitarian mentality does not fit well with those future possibilities, particularly when the totalitarians enlightened are in power to a large extent.  And those not having any official power are all too willing to use brownshirt activist tactics against the BIGOTS.

Admittedly, I am not a particularly big target – for once, I am thankful traffic at this blog is not what it once was.  But it still very tempting to say I have done my duty; now I am going to retire from political/cultural combat and move on to quieter, more rewarding pursuits.

Yes, quite a bit different than this post six years ago.  But life change in the midst of pressure to self-censor can do that to a man, and to a culture for that matter.

Please pray for the West, for the United States . . . and for wisdom for me while you are at it.


Anonymous said...


How long before a First Things article is available to non-subscribers?


Mark said...

I am not sure. I want to say two months.