Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Clearing Up Confusion About Pilot Point, Pilot Point, and Pilot Point

My visit to Pilot Point with my novel Pilot Point this past Saturday may confuse slightly.  So I will now attempt to clear up any perplexity as well as give credit to where credit is due.

Pilot Point – A small town in Northeast Denton County, Texas.  I lived near it for twelve years and wrote the first drafts of my novel Pilot Point during this time in the 1990’s.  Most of said novel is set around the town although in the novel “Pilot Point” does not refer only to the town.  You will have to get the novel to find out more. ;)

Pilot Point – My Not-Best-Selling novel published late in 2014 and set along Interstate 20 in West Texas and near the town of Pilot Point decades ago.  Readers will find it both very Texan and very Anglican – yes, unusual.  I have posted frequently on it here and think it best not to repeat myself too much.  Here you may find some past posts concerning the novel.

Pilot Point – A pictorial history of the town of Pilot Point authored by Jay Melugin.  It is interesting and well done and gives a good flavor of the town’s past.  I own a copy and recommend you get yourself one at Amazon or where most convenient.

Jay was very gracious and beyond helpful in organizing and promoting my visit to the town of Pilot Point.  It would not have been near the success it was without him.  I concluded my visit by relaxing with him at his high class establishment, Lowbrows.  Here is a photo of us in front of Lowbrows.  He is holding my novel Pilot Point and I am holding his pictorial history Pilot Point.

Does that clear up any confusion about Pilot Point, Pilot Point, and Pilot Point?  Not necessarily?

Oh well.  At least I gave credit where credit is due.  Thanks again, Jay.

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