Thursday, March 05, 2015

A Brief Reflection on the Diocese of Ft. Worth’s Victory

Back in May of 2007, I happened to be at an Anglican ministry meeting at the Diocese of Ft. Worth’s Camp Crucis when word came out that the diocese was leaving The Episcopal Church.  I remember the excitement of the priests there that they manfully but not altogether successfully restrained.

Afterward, I had one of those small experiences that impress upon the memory.  I was driving on the narrow, pretty country road that leads out of Camp Crucis.  I reflected on the risk the Diocese of Ft. Worth was taking in order to be faithful.  I thought how awful it would be if the diocese were to lose the lovely camp and the rest of their property to the lawsuits that were sure to come.  And I hoped and prayed earnestly that it would not be so.

So the news that the lawsuit is virtually over and that the (real) Diocese of Ft. Worth has won increases my thankfulness to God.  Thanks be to God indeed.

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